SBox Reviews

SBox is an awesome little gadget!

Awesome little gadget! Basically a 'smart' spirit box, has many cool features that use updated tech to improve on spirit box devices. Plus it’s portable like a small phone. Rechargeable feature means no more batteries! Like the best parts of spirit boxes and a digital recorder mixed into one unit. Very cool, SB-7 users may want to pick one up and at least try it out! - N Banker

Recording for the win!

Recording! Why has no one done this before? I like that it records direct not through a speaker to a microphone like we used to do with a separate recorder. So, that's brilliant. And the spike detect is cool. Definitely helps decipher between spirits and normal radio chatter. On that note, just use a Faraday Pouch as they suggested to get rid of radio broadcast. You'll be glad you did when something comes through and you KNOW it's not the radio. - Norman


VIDEO: SBox Review and Overview of Features